adobe incopy vs word
Microsoft Word rates 4.7/5 stars with 602 reviews. I’m currently using MS Access Report for a multi-level categorized catalog. Join for free today! The software includes standard word processing features such as spell check, track changes, and word count, and has various viewing modes that allow editors to visually inspect design elements — just as it looks t… To S, Peggy, Rachel and everyone who wants to keep using Word: THAT’S OKAY! Can you clarify more for me? The terror! Sure, Word sucks, but it could be worse. A rude awakening. Ragtime??? Thanks for this. So, I decided a change needed to happen–both for clarity and marketing to the customer. Most people who complain about it use other layout programs, then of course they would complain that Word is not a good layout program, because it’s not supposed to be used like that. For me, the most critical make or break is what some folks might see as a minor issue. Can Indesign handle multiple levels of grouping and formatting from a MS Access or any other database? Please log in again. A common client question is “Can you design it in Microsoft Word?” and the designer’s response, following a deep sigh, will likely be “Well here are all the reasons we shouldn’t”. Fonts did not display correctly. Especially in headings, this can look extremely bad. You’d expect this from a software sold in the 21st century, but it simply does not automatically substitute characters with the correct glyphs. Years ago, I took great pride in my ability to force Word 3 to replicate many page layout features. Column sizes could no be defined accurately enough. The things that drive people crazy are the things Word almost does. Open it with Acrobat DF (latest version) 5. Text in a built black (process builds of 60-70-80-90 for example rather than 100% black) is too small for offset presses to print: you’ll end up with yellow or magenta or cyan halos around the text and it will appear as if it’s out of register. and make content edits to the same document the designers work on in InDesign. Word processing in other words, which is what it is for. In an environment such as this, InCopy offers all of the features … Q: A client asked me to layout a design in Microsoft Word, what should I do? 39713 Hanover Ridge Rd. Something else to mention is the potential to use InDesign to create a highly polished final product while allowing the content editors to have access to editing the text; there are a couple options for this route. You can quickly format headings, footers, page numbers… And it all works if you don’t try to use it for complex page layout. An email to Bevi Chagnon is in the works …. Save it as PDF. It’s a well-known trope that dealing with the details of text formatting while writing is a huge distraction from the real job at hand. In business since 1990, now over three decades! David Blatner is the co-founder of the Creative Publishing Network, InDesign Magazine, and the author or co-author of 15 books, including Real World InDesign. Would be so grateful for any help! Once you install it, the entire computer gets a lot slower, at least on Windows. I have a client that does large contract bids, merging content from many different sources. 5) Multi-column layouts are a nightmare. Also wondering if it would be possible/easy to create two sets of footnotes on the same page (say, one with numbers the other with letters). We use 5.6.6 for our documentation. comparison of Adobe InCopy vs. Microsoft Word based on data from user reviews. Although InDesign is clearly the better program, it still misses an easy routine to add captions to images/tables etc. i shall be thankful if you can advice me to overcome my problem thanks. They can stay productive in their long- and hard-earned knowledge of Word, with all its editorial power. if any changes are made on the Microsoft Access file the should automatically update the indesign files too further this should not disturb the highlight and font variations already given. ICML (the InCopy native document format) can really only be used to feed InDesign. 1. Indesign is indeed way better, and now that your can “rent it” the umpteen-hundred dollar price is less of an issue. « kindlevision. Oh well. some of the comparisons are equally hilarious. She got ID. More options regarding and easier to use headers and footers. All illustration call outs and legends are controlled by a calculation sheet for the appropriate language. I still use MS Word everyday… for word processing. I just got a job that wants to just use word. And when she tried to imort the photos – no comment to the language I heard. It’s no use for doing creative stuff, though. Graphics tend to “fly off” to other pages (in the words of one of my clients) because you’ll place a graphic on page 3 today but when you open up the document tomorrow, it could be on page 4 or 5 or 19. Who knows! (hats off to Bevi […]. The new version seems to be a lot like InDesign, but very easy to use, and quite affordable. It simply does not do what it technically should. But I was thrilled that I could insert images, have text wrap around them, and even type in hidden text codes that would rotate text and set it in shades of gray across the page. I created the whole thing in ID in 4 hours . The other option is to purchase Adobe InCopy. Sometimes I am forced to use Word, and it’s really painful. They charge a lot to do this and require a signed contract with language like “you get what you get from these *&^%$#@! Or it does it and then crashes. 3) Word doesn’t know squat about CMYK or PANTONE spot PMS ink colors, only RGB and colors like “robin’s egg blue.” So you’ll pay a fortune at the prepress stage to get your film output correctly. The horror! The most prominent reason Word shouldn’t be used for layout is simply that it’s not a layout program, it’s a word processing program. That leaves two other questions. Of course, my co-workers and customers love it because it “looks professional.” What did they expect? But if you tell me that it can just as easily create footnotes, tables of contents, indices, and all the other basics of word processing, then I’ll switch. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all. InCopy allows editors to style bits of text (i.e. I use Indesign for… well… design I use Pages for… quickly composing something (with style) I use Word for… opening other people’s docs! Four pages, two columns, photos of varying sizes. Cumbersome and buggy, it should be removed from existence. I charge more for Word. I almost pulled my hair at another job when the owner proudly shown of his 36 page magazine he designed exclusivly in PHOTOSHOP! I think non-design Mac folks should definitely look into it. However, I know Word very well, and have come to figure out how to make it do most of what I want/need. The important point here is that InDesign is the better tool for professional quality layout. Early comments about iWork 08 have been very positive. The word layout flow problem is related to the printer that’s installed on the machine. I would like to know how to create contents that link to pages. However, there are plug-ins that let you do this, including Teacup Software’s DataLinker. I’m also quite impressed with Apple’s Pages. Thus updating images can be a real PITA. Again, it’s going to cost more in order to purchase these pieces of software but it’s an investment that’s worth making, especially if you’re publishing material regularly. And my staff and contractors tend to request a higher than normal amount of lattes and brownies to get them through the projects. But it’s sort of like the argument between ID and QuarkXPress: QX has some features I want in ID, too, but when you look at the whole of the package, ID is the clear winner. Depending on the customer we use AppleScript to select the main and second language ( we have currently 8 languages in use) and put the text in the appropriate column. I was requeseted to make an identical copy of an article we published in a trade magazine. Pricey yes, but if the publishing house is big enough it’s worth it.


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