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. said Miss Tibbs, and the Chief of the Army slunk into a corner. said the President. Do you think it's a desperate case?" 'But can you remember any of them, Grandma?' 'You've got it, Charlie! 'Of course we don't!' 'It said all eight of us were invited!' 'These Vermicious Knids are the terror of the Universe. cried the President, slamming down the red phone and picking up a porcelain one. 'You're looking almost exactly like you used to! Don't disturb me. ... Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator 'Without what?' 'For a second, I thought . We've gone into orbit!' 'It is not obvious at all,' said Mrs Bucket. The Elevator plunged on, diving steeply toward the centre of the Earth. 'Screaming scorpions!' . The glass glowed pink, then red, then scarlet. It’s the first Roald Dahl book I dislike. Would you like us to take another look at this review? My 9 year old loved this book and is asking for more books from this Author. cried Grandma Georgina. So come, old friends, and do what's right! One of them actually became Minus eighty-seven! She lay back on the pillow and closed her eyes. It echoed around the world. . 'Nonsense, man!' . . At this point, the massive Knid outside turned and started cruising away from the Elevator. DMCA and Copyright: The book is not hosted on our servers, to remove the file please contact the source url. The first edition of the novel was published in 1972, and was written by Roald Dahl. please?). Truly a great sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's all or nothing.' I shall personally see to it that you get the correct dosage. "Doc, you really are kind To travel so far into space. he ordered. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. cried Charlie, who was floating exactly midway between the floor and the ceiling. It's got sheets and blankets and a mattress . asked Grandpa Joe excitedly. Charlie caught hold of Grandpa Joe's hands and the two of them started dancing round and round the lobby of the hotel. . They can't.' Only the words came through. Grandma Josephine screamed and disappeared under the bedclothes, Grandma Georgina clutched Grandpa George so tight he changed shape. shouted Mrs Bucket to Grandma Georgina. We're off to stay in the White House!' No magic. It's a bomb disguised as a bed! 'Why oh why can't people be more sensible?' screamed Grandma Georgina. He's bogged as a beetle! Starboard a bit! 'Put on the brakes! 'Isn't he handsome!' 'A bull's eye!' 'I'm flying! 'Mr President, sir, this is Walter Wall. Showler acknowledged it with a sickly grin, but that was all. 'You'll turn her into a Minus again just as sure as I'm standing here!' . There are currently no items in your Shopping Cart. What a staggering idea!' If you blow downward, you jet-propel yourself up. . Were you about eight?' 'This is the Gilligrass Patent Fly-Trap!' this is a very tricky manoeuvre and I'm going to need help. 'You don't really mean you might be able to bring her back?' IT'S WILLY WONKA'S WONKA-VITE!' All over the world, Charlie, I tracked down very old and ancient animals and took an important little bit of something from each one of them – a hair or an eyebrow or sometimes it was no more than an ounce or two of the jam scraped from between its toes while it was sleeping. 'It won't work until it gets into their tummies!' Grandma Georgina got it. 'Too far?' 'Ladies and gentlemen!' it may help us . 'She was eighty last birthday,' Grandpa Joe answered. Only a short while before, Mr Wonka had told him that the whole gigantic fabulous Chocolate Factory was his, and now our small friend was returning in triumph with his entire family to take over. 16 Vita-Wonk and Minusland 'It's up to you, Charlie my boy,' said Mr Wonka. 'Because their bottoms are even more pointy than their tops!' 'What's the matter with this thing?' GUGUMIZA ZOONK! Where's the operator?' Sorry, there was a problem saving your cookie preferences. Of course you did. 'It is rude to ignore an invitation.' 'Now then, I've got to do a few sums.' 'Oh, Nanny, what on earth do we do now?' And hurry!' 'Alleluia!' Mr Wonka jetted himself down to Grandpa Joe and shook him warmly by the hand. 'So can you wonder it took me so long to get it just right?' 'Big deal!' Young Goldie clutched herself and cried, "There's something wrong with my inside!" 'What had happened to them?' he called out. SPEAK!' 'Come along, Charlie! But here we have nothing to fear. Charlie moved around the bed to where the tiny sleeping baby lay. 'General Lee is on the run!' . . . It has no bones. . 'What 'What 'What 'What if if if if they come after us?' This book piqued my interest because what DID happen next? . Last seen flying through the sky in a giant elevator in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , Charlie Bucket's back for another adventure. 'Pull yourself together, man! And this book was absolutely painful to get through, I had to stop almost every other sentence to explain the confusing jargon that most children wouldn't be privy to unless an adult was reading along with them, and had to edit on the fly SEVERAL parts of the books far too often for my liking. 'Parachutes!' They attacked in reverse with their pointed rear-ends in front and they came in at a fantastic speed. 'Try again.' 'I'll tell you. You get those astronauts of yours off that Space Hotel of ours this instant! 'Do please stop talking and let me concentrate!' 'You madman!' Where did all the pumpkins go? . 'I couldn't sit still!' Thanks! . something not exactly brown, but greenish-brown . People have never moved faster than Grandpa Joe and Charlie and Mr and Mrs Bucket at that moment. Lurking inside are the Vernicious Knids - the most brutal, vindictive murderous beasts in the universe.So grab your gizzard! This was the large Transport Capsule containing the entire staff for Space Hotel 'U.S.A.' Oh . Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. 'If I said the name, Grandma, would you remember it then?' 'You've gone mad, Shuckworth!' 'Let's blow them up first, crash bang wallop bang-bang-bang-bang.' The door of the one on the left was sliding slowly open and the watchers could clearly see that there was something . But here Mr Wonka can . 'I didn't see any mouth.' snapped Grandma Georgina. 'They're going to hook up with this brute who's tied himself around us!' He sounded the K . Otherwise we'll never punch our way in through the roof of the Chocolate Factory.' They were still sitting there in a kind of shocked daze, gaping at the old ladies and the old men and the small boy floating about in the Glass Elevator. '"How old were you just now, before you took the Wonka-Vite?" This book does not fit the Dahl standard at all. cried Grandpa George, whizzing round and round, his nightgown billowing out behind him like the tail of a parrot. How old, sir, was your wife, if I may ask, before this happened?' Only Charlie and Willy Wonka can stop the Knids from destroying everything! Listen to CHARLIE AND THE GREAT GLASS ELEVATOR and other Roald Dahl audiobooks read by some very famous voices, including Kate Winslet, David Walliams and Steven Fry - plus there are added squelchy soundeffects from Pinewood Studios! anything you like . We're going to be all right now.' It takes a gifted actor and comedian to push such great youth fiction beyond its already grand scale. Vita-Wonk is as quick as lightning! Oh, my crawling cats! said Grandma Josephine. there's no point in crying over spilled milk, is there? They were drifting in a heavy grey mist and the mist was swirling and swishing around them as though driven by winds from many sides. There was the Chief of the Navy and the Chief of the Air Force and a sword-swallower from Afghanistan, who was the President's best friend. but of course I couldn't possibly remember it . 'Those men from Mars will be here any moment! Grandpa Joe put an arm around Charlie's shoulders and held him close. .' Good heavens, it's the Space Hotel!' said Grandpa George. 'It's all right, Grandma,' said Charlie. 'I didn't know I'd been away,' she said. . said Mr Bucket. The Elevator was tossed about the sky like a leaf, and inside it, Grandma Josephine, Grandma Georgina and Grandpa George, floating in their nightshirts, were all yowling and screeching and flapping their arms and calling for help.


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