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", https://www.angieslist.com/articles/what-tire-dry-rot.htm, https://wheelscene.com/prevent-dry-rot-tires/, https://one.nhtsa.gov/people/injury/pedbimot/motorcycle/psimotorcycle/pages/McycleTireSafTips.htm, https://www.consumerreports.org/tires/when-to-replace-your-tires/, https://nearsay.com/c/193918/118068/truck-repairs-when-to-change-your-semi-trucks-tires, prevenir la putrefacción seca en los neumáticos, Evitar o Ressecamento de Pneus Automotivos, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Dry rot is considered to have occurred on a tire when cracks begin to emerge on the tire's rubber. One general type of UV stabilizer is called a "competitive absorber." This will help create a protective coating on the tires. Continue rubbing down with cloths until most of the water and all of the Degreaser product and all of the dirt and grim is removed. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you drive a car, truck, or SUV, you can gauge this by sticking a quarter into one of the grooves of the tire. For one thing, no mechanic is going to repair the tire, they are just going to advice you replace them. Dry rot can ruin your tires in severe cases, but fortunately there are a few things you can do to prevent it. ", "I did not know dry rot is caused by a fungus! dressings without petroleum, which is the main culprit. The cords are what cause the tire to resist inflation pressure. In addition to losing the tire, this can of course also be extremely dangerous if the blow out happens whilst the vehicle is in use – especially at high speeds on the highway. The Best Snow & Winter Tires (Review and Buying Guide) in 2020, Top 10 Best All Terrain Tires For Trucks & SUVs in 2020, Driving on Bald Tires – Everything You Need to Know, Help us to show you Dry rot is generally referred to as the breakdown or decay in wooden materials. One of the major causes is excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. For more tips, including how to protect your tires when parking, read on! If you notice little cracks running spider-like along the sidewalls of the tires and running all the way to the tread, you may be experiencing a common phenomenon that occurs in stagnant cars – tire dry rot. If your car is parked permanently, drive it once a month for at least a few miles to flex the rubber of the tires and activate the protective antioxidants. You should also make sure your tires are properly inflated, which will prevent them from blowing out if there is any dry rot on them. This is because Dry Rot can affect the tire wall on both sides of the tire. The Protector and the Degreaser are more specialized products, so you may need to order them online. maybe do this job on your driveway or lawn rather than inside your garage or workshop. Whatever the cause may be, you can make sure dry rot doesn't happen to you by keeping your vehicle clean, moving it out of the sunlight, and changing your tires often. Because of this, tire manufacturers use protective waxes that create a "shield" on the sidewall when tires are in motion. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. Research source if they have been in storage, then you are all ready to get started. As we’re already working here to repair a damaged tire, it makes sense to go with the products that are a little gentler to the tire. As the rubber dries, it will become brittle (like an old elastic band) and will eventually fail, destroying the tire with a blow out. This will help the antioxidants work most effectively and keep your tires safe. This could be because they are on a vehicle which is not used much, because they have been in storage or because they have been run underinflated for a long period of time. Dry rot in tires cannot be completely prevented, as rubber will eventually deteriorate. Well, as we said up top it’s probably not going to be to go your nearest mechanic –unless you just want to buy a new tire! Keeping your tires clean will help the fungus responsible for dry rot from spreading. For more tips, including how to protect your tires when parking, read on! Learn more... Dry rot is a fungal disease that can ruin your tires, and can lead to cracks or a blowout. They will all of course come with their own instructions so take a moment to read them before you begin. Now you’ve assembled the equipment list, it’s time to get to work! Clean your tires once a month with warm soapy water and a washcloth to get rid of any fungus that may be growing on them. The first stage in this preparation is to use the tire degreaser product. By using our site, you agree to our. Also, look for tire dressings that include UV stabilizers for added tire protection. X Thanks. Running the tires at a low pressure will go a long way to causing dry rot to set in early, so avoid it at all costs! After cleaning your tires, apply a few drops of tire dressing to protect them from ultraviolet rays, which are a common cause of dry rot. 6. Not using them frequently will lead to decay setting in far quicker than tires that are frequently used. Finally, try not to store tires for too long. For a larger vehicle like a semi-truck, use a penny. References Make sure to properly inflate your tires. products you will love. These ingredients can eat away at the protective waxing on the sidewalls of the tires. Most people will simply agree and end up shelling out a load of money on brand new tires to replace ones that otherwise could have hundreds of miles of tread left. Competitive absorbers absorb the UV light, instead of the tire sidewall, and convert the UV rays into heat so it can dissipate. In this case, 95% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. Age. Spray the tire down, and use lukewarm water if you have a heating attachment on your hose – cold water will be fine if not. As we mentioned, this decaying process is a natural part of the life cycle of the rubber molecules that make up your tire. 4. If the cords begin to deteriorate--in other words, if the cracks reach the cords--the vehicle is dangerous to drive on. Remove the Tires – If the tires are already removed, i.e. Also consider parking your vehicle inside a parking garage, instead of parking it on a curb. Place your tire somewhere where water run off is not going to be an issue – i.e. Last Updated: April 23, 2020 Most people will simply agree and end up shelling out a load of money on brand new tires to replace ones that otherwise could have hundreds of miles of tread left. You’ll now have a nice clean (but quite wet) tire. No, your first step is to assemble all of the equipment you are going to need to complete the repair, which is: The first two items you probably have, and if don’t they should be pretty simple to source unless you are living on a base in the Antarctic. As before, it will likely have it’s own application instructions so give them a glance before starting. If the wheel is still on the vehicle that of course makes it harder to see the inside tire wall. While it is true that scheduled maintenance increases the lifespan of a car, a car tire will still … Sidewalls of tires aren't meant to withstand much pressure, and hitting the edge of a curb can put you at risk for developing cracks or blowing out the tire. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. When cracks begin to occur within a tire's rubber, it is said to have dry rot. If you don’t have a garage or car port, most automotive stores sell inexpensive tire covers, which protect your tires from UV rays. 1. Tires that are under-inflated cause added pressure to tires, further expanding cracks within the sidewall. "There are so many tire dressing on the market that can cause premature dry rot. Happily, as you’re about to see, this is a remarkably straightforward process. This article has been viewed 27,895 times. For this reason, tires that are not regularly used (such as those on RVs) are more susceptible to degradation of the tires. Obviously, this decay is a pretty long process, and many tires will have used up their useful life spans before the decay causes any problems. However, whether the dry rot is dangerous is determined by whether you can see the tire's cords. 5. Inactivity, low tire pressure, and excessive heat are the primary culprits that cause automobile tire dry rot. The rubber is what holds the tire together. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 27,895 times. However, the term has been used colloquially in other fields as well, including tire deterioration, although rubber on tires does not actually rot.


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