ducktales cast

[84] Despite what happened, he returns in "Moonvasion! A powerful oat tycoon attempting to get his hands on M'Lady. [33] In the present day, Ludwig's children Corvus, Anya and Klara have taken over at least some of his duties, including the management of his Arctic "doomsday vault" (inspired by the Svalbard Global Seed Vault[134]), established in case of worldwide disaster. agent (modeled from, A F.O.W.L. The family eventually realized what happened to them and demand Gene send them back, but he reveals only Donald can undo the wish since he was the one who made it. He first appears in the first part of the pilot episode,[10] and appears as a supporting character throughout the series, serving both as butler and chauffeur. [26][122] In "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake! [96] She makes non-speaking appearances in "The Shadow War!" One of the monsters of Duckburg, first seen disguised as a limbless zombie. [109] In "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake! [84] During the Moonlander invasion, Beaks gets a selfie with two Moonlander soldiers before he's captured. Donald and Daisy being estranged felt very similar to Donald and Scrooge being estranged", "Frank Angones on Twitter: "‌or potentially having this be an opportunity to introduce Daisy, leaning into her reporter persona from Quack Pack, trying to expose the family as insane and dangerous rich folk living on a hill? Born in Glasgow, Scotland in the mid-19th century and getting rich during the Klondike Gold Rush in the 1890s, his decreased aging has been explained by him spending time "stuck in a timeless demon dimension". [82] He and Ma Beagle also share a mutual hatred of Mrs. Beakley and fondness for Duckworth. [5] Her sons grew up without knowing their mother and the first season sees the ducklings – initially Dewey and Webby - investigating her disappearance. [6][52][53] Thus; she only appears in photos and paintings throughout most of season one, making her first major appearance within the franchise in a series of flashback stories in issue #2 and #3 of the IDW published DuckTales comic book. Release Dates In the episode "Attack of the Metal Mites" he is seen working for Glomgold,[159] and in the two-part series finale "The Golden Goose", he is reunited with his estranged brother, Poupon. They were originally created for the comics by Ted Osborne and Al Taliaferro in 1937. ", after recovering from amnesia caused by the events of "The Shadow War!

Dubbing himself "Mega-Beaks", he severely damages Gyro's lab and the Gizmo-suit, kidnaps Huey and Webby, and attacks his own company before being confronted by Fenton and Gandra, who manage to defeat him and turn him back to normal. [96][82][98][58] In "Astro B.O.Y.D.! Gladstone Gander (voiced by Rob Paulsen in the 1987 series; Paul F. Tompkins in the 2017 series[59]) is Donald's cousin, debuting in Carl Barks' "Wintertime Wager" from 1948. The character originated in the 1993 Disney Afternoon animated series.

The broccoli-themed leader of the Vegedonians, an alien race abducting Duckworth and the nephews.


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