efik festivals

All Rights Reserved, National Research Centres on Specialized Cultural Manifestations, Crafts Development and Skills Acquisition Centres, RUNSEWE RAISES ALARM OVER ONLINE VIDEO CALLING NIGERIANS FRAUDSTERS, RUNSEWE BIDS FAREWELL TO OUTGOING BANGLADESH HIGH COMMISSIONER, Photo News: Runsewe Organizes Memorable Send Forth for Mr. Md Shameen Ahsan, Rape, not only a vicious crime against humanity, but a grievous sin against God – Runsewe, Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, 13TH INTERNATIONAL ARTS AND CRAFTS (INAC) EXPO ABUJA - NOVEMBER, 2020, INAC THEME - NETWORKING NIGERIAN CRAFTS TO THE WORLD, Follow us via Instagram and Twitter @ncac_nigeria.
Let's make an impact together. LEKKI SUN SPLASH    25TH – 26TH DECEMBER    LEKKI    LAGOS STATE

41. 44.

36. Welcome to The Efik National Association Honoring our Healthcare Providers and Professionals As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, we honor and express our deepest gratitude to those who have contributed to educate or counsel, to treat, provide emergency services and … NIGERIAN DRUM FESTIVAL    APRIL    ABEOKUTA    OGUN STATE

Passion 4 is the most successful band in Carnival Calabar, having been six edition Champions and two editions first runners up in the eight years of the existence of the competition aspect of the carnival. BADE FISHING FESTIVAL    FEB / MARCH    BADE    YOBE STATE 37. FELABRATION MUSIC FESTIVAL    OCTOBER    IKEJA    LAGOS STATE Henry Brisibe and Mr. Larry Esin in 2005. PISSI TANGLE CULTURAL FESTIVAL    LAST SATURDAY IN DECEMBER    ALL LGAs    GOMBE STATE OGANI FISHING AND CULTURAL FESTIVAL    NOVEMBER – DECEMBER    IDAH, ANKPA    NASARAWA EGUNGUN    MAY/JUNE    IBADAN    OYO STATE 63.

48. To those left to suffer the loss, may the Good Lord give them the strength to bear the loss. OSE-MEJI    FEBRUARY    IBADAN EAST    OYO STATE CHRISTMAS CHOIR CAROL (9,999)    LATE NOVEMBER – EARLY DECEMBER    ALL LGAs    AKWA IBOM SEAFOOD FIESTA    DECEMBER    ISLAND    LAGOS STATE 59. ekpe masquerade festival december efik, abriba cross river state 60. ozuruimo festival december owerri municipal imo state 61. kwara state festival of art and craft expo (kwafest) december all lgas kwara state 62. ijakadi offa december offa kwara state 54. 27.

OGWASHI-UKU CARNIVAL    25TH – 26TH DECEMBER    OGWASHI-UKU    DELTA STATE Like our Facebook page via: https://www.facebook.com/ncacnigeria, INAC WILL ATTRACT OVER 30 COUNTRIES GLOBALLY, 33RD NATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS AND CULTURE (NAFEST 2020), JOS, PLATEAU STATE - OCTOBER, 2020. 8. 24. DURBAR MACCINA    MARCH-APRIL    MACCINA    YOBE STATE OZURUIMO FESTIVAL    DECEMBER    OWERRI MUNICIPAL    IMO STATE 60. NJUWA FISHING FESTIVAL    MARCH-MAY    BUATIYE, BATA    ADAMAWA 47. 14. OYA-ORE SALT FESTIVAL    NOVEMBER    KEANA    NASARAWA 55. As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, we honor and express our deepest gratitude to those who have contributed to educate or counsel, to treat, provide emergency services and other subsidiary and support services. IKEJI FESTIVAL    MARCH-APRIL    ARONDIZUOGU    IMO

ABUJA CARNIVAL, ABUJA    NOVEMBER    FCT    FCT UCHORO USUK UDIA ANNANG (ANNANG YAM FESTIVAL)    NOVEMBER    ANNANG    AKWA IBOM The National Council for Arts and Culture shall be dedicated to the development and promotion of the best of the living Arts and Cultures of Nigeria, using it as resources for National integration and Unity as well as to serve as catalyst for sustainable growth and development of the Nation. It’s the most stylish & co-ordinated body with the main objective of promoting & sustaining the Tourism & Hospitality industry.

Our vision is to operate a world-class consortium for Efik Associations in the mainland USA; to ‘open doors of opportunities’ for our people and other minorities through the implementation of various charitable programs, in healthcare, education and social services. 56. 34. EID-EL-FITIR SALLAH CELEBRATION (DURBAR)    18TH AUGUST    ALL LGAs    KANO STATE

49. 9. CALABAR CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL/CARNIVAL    30TH NOVEMBER – 30TH DECEMBER    CALABAR    CROSS RIVER PMB 252 GARKI ABUJA, Advertise your products and services here. 28. 68. 52. 23.

KWAGH-HIR MASQUERADE FESTIVAL    26TH DEC – 1ST JANUARY    TIV LAND     BENUE STATE 38. 40. To use Culture as a cornerstone in contributing to building a solid nation where the citizens shall see its cultural diversity as a source of strength. NATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ARTS (NAFEST)    3RD – 9TH OCTOBER    AS DECIDED     NCAC We thank our exemplary healthcare workers in our community for their services, sacrifices and dedication to rescue the afflicted from the clutches of COVID-19 and provide comfort and peaceful transition to those who lost the fight. Please go to the Instagram Feed settings page to connect an account. 15. 10. 5. Among the broad culture of the Efiks are “Ekombi”, the Efik classical music, “Ukwa”, the only fencing match in sub-Saharan Africa, “Mbuk”, a collection of Efik folklore, and “Ekpe”. 2.

61. Our prayers and well wishes are with you. OWUYA FESTIVAL    MAY    OGORI MAGONGO    KOGI STATE 46.



OVIA OSESE FESTIVAL    APRIL    EGORI    KOGI STATE LAGOS CARNIVAL    MAY    ALL LGAs    LAGOS STATE BELOW ARE KEY FESTIVALS AND CARNIVALS IN NIGERIA: Director – General (NCAC), Otunba Olusegun Runsewe in the midst of Nzem Berom warriors at the Nzem Berom Cultural Festival 2017, S/N    FESTIVALS/CARNIVALS    DATE    TRIBE/PLACE    STATE, 1. ARGUNGUN FISHING FESTIVAL    FEB / MARCH    ARGUNGUN    KEBBI STATE 16. IGUE FESTIVAL    1ST – 14TH DECEMBER    BENIN    EDO STATE OSUN-OSOGBO FESTIVAL    22ND – 27TH AUGUST    OSOGBO    OSUN STATE 42. 50. 25. IRI JI FESTIVAL    AUGUST – SEPTEMBER    ABIA, ANAMBRA, ENUGU, IMO    ALL EASTERN STATES PATIGI REGATTA    APRIL/MAY    PATIGI    KWARA STATE 26. GOMBE STATE FESTIVAL OF ARTS AND CULTURE (GOFEST)    APRIL    ALL LGAs    GOMBE STATE 69. 12. National Council for Arts and Culture. 57. Abang dance is performed for entertainment and at festive occasions. 64. Seagull band was registered in 2005 for the Cross River State annual Christmas festival. Carnival Calabar Festival in Nigeria, also tagged ” Africa’s Biggest Street Party”, was created as part of the vision of making the Cross River State in Nigeria, the No. 58. 22. Bayside Band Bayside Band is one of the five Carnival Bands registered in the annual Christmas Festival of Cross River State of Nigeria. 32. Call 08159144444.

Freedom band which is identified with the colour Yellow; was founded Capt. DELTA TOURISM EXPO    OCTOBER        DELTA STATE The city is watered by the Calabar and Great Kwa Rivers and creeks of the Cross River. 39. AHIAJOKU    LAST FRIDAY OF NOVEMBER    OWERRI MUNICIPAL    IMO STATE JIBU FESTIVAL    DECEMBER-JANUARY    GASHAKA    TARABA CARNIRIV    DECEMBER    PORT HARCOURT    RIVERS STATE 62. 4. 13. OPOBO INTERNATIONAL BOAT REGATTA    24TH DEC – 5TH JAN    OPOBO    RIVERS STATE

The original name for Calabar was Akwa Akpa, from the Efik language.

The Cross Rivers State Government.

OLOJO FESTIVAL    22ND – 27TH OCTOBER    IFE    OSUN STATE LOKKAARI LERA (CIRCUMCISION)    FEB / MAY    BALI    TARABA STATE EID-EL-KABIR SALLAH CELEBRATION (SALLAH)    25TH OCTOBER    ALL LGAs    KANO STATE 53. All Rights Reserved, Official Marketing Company Okhma Global Limited | Site developed by Novus Integrated, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins.

20. 67. The Masta Blasta Band also known as “The Orange Family”, is the largest & most entertaining of the 5 principal bands of the annual Carnival Calabar. © 2017. MASQUERADE FESTIVAL (DURING ANNUAL FESTIVALS)    SEPTEMBER-DECEMBER    ABAKALIKI    EBONYI


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