electric porsche 911 conversion
GM unveils Hummer EV: 350-mile electric supertruck, Tesla starts Full Self-Driving Beta rollout, Volvo XC40 Electric starts $20K more than gas version, Tesla prototype in camouflage seen at LA design studio, You’re reading Electrek— experts who break news about, Get interesting investment ideas by Fred Lambert, ChargePoint Home WiFi Enabled Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger, Electric Vehicle Price Guide – best prices for dealers in the US, A stunning Tesla-Powered 1968 Porsche 911 is up for grabs, their popular VW Bug electric conversions, buy 100 entries starting at $10 or up to 2,000 entries for $100, the German automaker says is not likely to ever happen, Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos, Interior Color: Custom black with carbon fiber accents, Charge Range: 120+ miles at highway speeds, Maximum Horsepower: 500+ HP (the original engine was 90 HP! Tesla large drive unit as found in the performance version of the Model S. Enhanced with a ground up designed control board unlocking the setups full potential. At first glance, Richard Morgan’s Porsche is simply another example of a beautifully restored 911 Targa, with flawless paint, gleaming brightwork and supple, unmarked interior surfaces. You're gonna have 1000 lbs on a 108 volt lead acid system and 450 lbs on lithium ion phosphate.Cost of batteries alone that we use are around $13,000 and total parts around 30-35k. “We took out around 300kg of engine, petrol tank, pumps, filters and so on,” says Morgan. Who buys these niche creations? The 911 boasts a total battery capacity of 54kWh, which is around double that of a Nissan Leaf. It’s at once business-like, clinical and beautiful. What changes in the maintenance after conversion? How? Home > News > Renderings. Electric Porsche 911 Come and join the change to 100% electric! Also selectable Eco and performance driving modes depending on conditions. Nothing less than perfect will do, and he spends a lot of time test driving each vehicle to fine tune it before handing it on to the client. All Rights Reserved. This is no ordinary vintage machine. “Mr Rover SD1” brings touring car legend back to life. Our dedicated customer service team will aim to get you the right answer as quickly as possible. Tesla is a transportation and energy company. The kit is a complete bolt in solution for converting your Porsche to EV. Here are all the features of the Zelectric Porsche 911 conversion: The company claims that the battery pack sending power to that powerful Tesla drivetrain enables over 120 miles of range at highway speed, which is impressive for an electric conversion. It’s certainly not discouraging sales of the Model S, of course. It’s a strangely unsettling experience, like peering under Darth Vadar’s cloak and finding a pair of waxed bikini-model legs, or biting into an Easter egg and finding a small nuclear bomb. You've heard the story. Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast. For Morgan, the action of changing gear is a critical part of the classic car experience and it does serve a functional purpose too. They started with a focus on Beetles, but they have since leveraged their electric conversion expertise to a bunch of other classic cars. Convert your Porsche into an EV Switching to electric has never been so easy. There's no such thing as a dumb question! Yes all parts required needed to complete a conversion are included in the kit for selected models only. The Model S is expensive and is marketed at the luxury end of the market. He takes a motorsport approach to getting each car set up. Yet, here it was, the smooth, low-slung bonnet and iconic slightly oval headlight surrounds within pouncing distance of the bewildered sheep’s woolly jumper. Just two options are on offer: Eco and Power. This part of Wales is well used to classic cars and sports cars of all shapes, sizes and ages. At second glance, it has something of a Singer vibe about it: LED headlights, sidelights hidden behind clear lenses in the bumper and a mechanical set-up formatted by the former rally driver with the sole intention of putting a smile on the face of its driver every day. ), Special features: Level 2 charge port, rear decklid solar panel, upgraded sport suspension and drilled disc brakes, LED lighting, Bluetooth sound system with Alpine speakers and subwoofer.


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