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Eva’s brother Dan commented on Washingtonpost.com in 2015, ‘Eva did take a few lessons in the 80’s from Danny….we were both huge admirers of his and went to hear him many times. Look Into My Eyes THE BEST OF EVA CASSIDY –  20 songs including just about everybody’s favorites, released in 2012. Hallelujah I Love Him So His wonderful solo debut CD is entitled DAN CASSIDY ON THE FIDDLE (1997) and includes three songs with Eva (these are available on Eva’s albums also, sometimes with slight production differences). Note: THE BEST OF EVA CASSIDY album is also available as two vinyl LPs. Released May 1996. 4. Often you’ll get superior service and some great suggestions about other music you would enjoy. 1. You’ve Changed (duet). IMAGINE – Live and studio recordings, released in 2002. Eva Cassidy Eva Marie Cassidy (February 2, 1963 – November 2, 1996) was an American vocalist and guitarist known for her interpretations of jazz, blues, folk, gospel, country and pop classics. Early Morning Rain 3. Over The Rainbow. Wayfaring Stranger But even if she had lived, her ability to make even the most familiar songs fresh through the sheer power of her voice would still earn her the well-deserved praise that, sadly, she never lived to see. He can be heard on several songs on Eva’s albums : “I Know You By Heart” (on the SONGBIRD, EVA BY HEART, and BEST OF EVA CASSIDY albums), “How Can I Keep From Singing” (on EVA BY HEART), “Penny To My Name” (on TIME AFTER TIME), “Fever” (on THE OTHER SIDE), and “Yesterday” (on AMERICAN TUNE). 2. Note: THE BEST OF EVA CASSIDY album is also available as two vinyl LPs. Time After Time chords by Eva Cassidy. 10. I like Cathy's Song and Ain't No Sunshine everything else is just ok. 13. “NEVER LET YOU GO”: Eva sings one song, “Never Let You Go,” on a CD entitled CALL ME A CAB by a singer/songwriter named Steve Estes. Early One Morning 2. 7. I do encourage you to shop locally when you can. Danny Boy. Start the wiki. Wade In The Water 11. Songs: 7. In 1992 she released her first album, The Other Side, a set of duets with go-go musician Chuck Brown, followed by a live solo album, Live at Blues Alley in 1996. End the Rain That situation has changed, and now nearly all the on-line CD stores carry her albums and even downloadable MP3s. Autumn Leaves; $0.99 on iTunes 12. People Get Ready This album is often referred to by the band and their families as “Chuck and Eva.” Chuck Brown was a local Go-Go star and Eva was a complete unknown, but after they met at Chris Biondo’s studio, Chuck was inspired to branch out from his dance music and return to the blues and jazz of his roots. I've fallen behind Fields Of Gold At Last Download our mobile app now. 1. Wade In The Water Songs: Leave feedback, Eva Marie Cassidy (February 2, 1963 in Washington, DC – November 2, 1996 in Bowie, Maryland) was an American vocalist described by the British newspaper The Guardian as "one of the greatest voices of her generation." 5. Time after time Songs: 13. I Wandered By A Brookside 1. Time After Time Web. time after sometimes you picture me American Tune Songbird What Cassidy brings to the album is the sort of distinctive personality the band has sorely lacked in the past, and although this is not an album charged with powerful emotions, it is Cassidy’s heartfelt readings of the topical title track and the inspirational ballad ‘Have a Little Faith’ that leave the strongest impression.”. 2. I've fallen behind 3. Who Knows Where the Time Goes It is the slower material, however, that is ultimately more affecting; "Woodstock" (written by Joni Mitchell) and "Kathy's Song" (Paul Simon) are brilliant examples of Eva Cassidy's interpretive skills and are easily the album's best tracks. 1. Time after time Calling Eva Cassidy one of the best singers who ever lived could easily be considered an overstatement. FAVORITE In the mid-80s, Michael formed the band Characters Without Names together with Eva, Larry Melton and Ned Judy. One can view it as a companion to SONGBIRD. Mmm, time after time This album has gone “quintuple platinum” in the United Kingdom and “gold” in the United States, Australia, Norway, and other countries. I think Eva was wanting to learn a few new chords from him at the lessons but when I asked her how it went she said that his musical knowledge was way above her head. 3. 2. What A Wonderful World (remixed for US version of the album) Roger’s website is http://www.rogerhendersonmusic.com. AMERICAN TUNE – Live and studio recordings, released in 2003. Last.fm Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. A new version of Last.fm is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. Go out to the little clubs and restaurants that offer live music, and if you like what you hear, tell the performers! 1. 9. 11. I heard that Eva had asked Danny to sit in on one of her solo gigs, but have no more details on this. Easy Street Dream There’s some ad lib at the end where we encouraged her to hit the highest notes she could.” CAUTION: I have never heard this entire CD. Shadow of Your Smile (Chuck solo) In North America, the United Kingdom, and some other parts of the world, most well-stocked stores will carry at least the album SONGBIRD. Tall Trees in Georgia Limited local release on LP and cassette; re-released on CD in 2002. You can hear her on a number of albums including two songs (“Ain’t That Peculiar” and “Stand By My Side”) on the CD UNTOUCHABLE by local guitar legend Danny Gatton. I know everybody else does, but aren’t you better than that? Oh, Had I A Golden Thread (this last song is a studio recording, not live), EVA BY HEART – Studio recordings issued posthumously in 1997.


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