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1980 hardside Apache Royal Pop Up, good condition for 37 years old. There were tremendous money needs. Coming in a distant second place was the Mesa, weighing in at 825 lbs and priced at $895. In 1969 Vesely Company expanded into another leisure field market. But it did not feature the polymer travel cover with its storage and did not include the Apache Camp-Mate. As you slide the beds out the roof raised up. It was almost identical to the Golden Eagle even measuring the same. Camping trailers were still the mainstay of Vesely's business, accounting for 95% of all sales in 1968. The Chief was redesinged in 1962, giving it a much more stylish look. Talk about a crazy week! We rolled up our shirts and changed management philosophy.". 1967 brought a BIG change, the super-sized Ramada model that is! Aug 19, 2015 - Explore Melissa Sample's board "Apache Royal" on Pinterest. The trailer served as the off-the-ground bed while the tent, with its enclosed canvas floor, served as the living area where additional sleeping cots and tables could be placed. I really wish we had been able to use it more but we just don't have the time. See US Patent 3,506,299. 1977 Apache Royal Popup Camper - $2,500 (Evansville) I have an 1977 Apache Royal for sale. Really looking for a serious collector who knows the value of these rare and collectable campers. Apache was founded in 1957 by Gene Vesely as a builder of pop-up camping trailers. The Falcon model replaced the Raven and weighed 575 lbs. was acquired from Gregory’s Canvas Products in 2012.  Apache Replacement Parts LLC and Gregory’s Canvas Products are family owned and operated in Michigan. Rounding out 1965's model lineup was the Raven and Chief priced at $525 and $445 respectively. It is in great shape especially for a 42 year old camper. The balance of the proceeds was added to working capital and used for general corporate purposes. I have an 1977 Apache Royal for sale. 1975 Apache Royal Hard sided pop up camper - $850 (Mim's FL north of Titusville.) It was during this time the company changed its name from Vesely Manufacturing Company to just Vesely Company. It featured two beds that pulled out to either side. Each offered progressively more features and was priced accordingly. The site's owner, Jim, has been both supportive of, and contriubuted to, this web site. As with all oldies she can use a bit of TLC. The lift system works well and it is easy to raise and lower. It's practical for our needs and looks great too! I am selling our 1976 Apache pop-up camper. So this is what I decided on. And it also included a self-contained toilet tucked in the corner with its own privacy curtain. We thought about replacing the Formica. Vesely Mfg. Welcome to Apache Royale! By 1959 Vesely Manufacturing Co. had become the world's largest manufacturer of camping trailers. A portal site for Apache pop up camper enthusiasts. They were stained, the plastic t-trim was chipped and peeling off in places, and they were just plain ugly. Designed for the future. Your email address will not be published. It measures approximately 8 1/2 feet across and 8 feet deep. Previous owner said it does work ... 1980 Apache Royal, pop up style but no canvass. Apache offered Class C motorhomes during the 1970s but largely remained focused on high quality, high feature vacation trailers. The door was one-piece and both it and the walls were molded of ABS thermoplastic. Trailer is in good condition and has treated our family well but time to sell. Weighing only about 2,000 lbs, it offers the convenience and ease of a pop-up camper, while also boasting the extra security afforded by solid walls instead of a canvas tent. The company also incurred losses in its new European subsidiary, which ended up being liquidated in fiscal year 1967 with a write-off of $16,000 (equivilent to $104,627 in 2009 dollars). The Golden Buffalo holds the title as Apache's first hard-top camping trailer. Next in line was the Buffalo II priced at $985. The 1961 Apache model lineup included the Eagle, Chief and Scout. The Ramada would resemble more of what the future would look like while the Chief was the original camping trailer Apache offered. I’ve got a 1971 Shasta LoFlyte 1400. Co. purchased 20 acres just north of Lapeer. Apache Royale is the new SDK, built on the solid foundation developed by the Flex universe, that lets you create applications in MXML and ActionScript that will run almost anywhere without heavy plugins like Flash or Adobe AIR. And finishing out the model lineup for 1970 was the Eagle priced at $795. Desirable 1978 model hard side pop up with heater, stovetop, refrigerator, sliding windows.The lift system is restored and cranks up and down as it should, extra parts includednew tires and wheels, bearings repacked, new flexible hinge for the plastic panels on the bed end pull outs is inclu ... 😢 Sad to report that we are selling our ‘77 Apache Ranger hard side pop up. Apache Sales Corporation was formed after the Apache Company discontinued operations to continue certain operations of the original company. Txt me at ... Free Local Classifieds in Western Slope, CO, 1976 Apache Royal PopUp - $600 (Parachute), Apache Royal popup trailer - $2000 (Santa Paula), 1977 Apache Royal Popup Camper - $2,500 (Evansville), 1976 Apache Royal Hard-Side Camper - $1750 (Cecil, AL), 1976 apache Royal hard sided pop up - $4200 (Valencia), 1976 Apache Popup Camper - $200 (Wautoma), Apache hardside popup camper - $2750 (Forest hill), 1977 Apache Royal hard sided popup camper - $750 (Almond ny).


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