is venoshock good
The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The only two moves that come close to Gunk Shot in terms of power are Belch and Venoshock. You could maybe get it to work better in doubles if you had a partner with prankster + toxic? You have to first lay down Toxic Spikes and then get something poisoned because the mon in front of you isn't already poisoned. Cross Poison also has a 10% chance of poisoning; which belies using it if the goal is to poison the opponent. Just here to be a complete 'Prankster'. Purify will also heal the Pokémon that used it, if it is successful in removing the status effect. As said, sludge bomb is better and a more reliable source of heavy damage as far as poison moves go. But I see what you're getting at. Being badly poisoned causes the poison damage to increase by 1/16 every turn. I was considering replacing the Galvantula with an Ariados that knows Sticky Web AND Toxic Spikes (for the Venoshock, this way I can give all TOXIC users a different move to make the team a bit more offensive) but I don't know how nice Ariados' DMG is. Considering it only has status moves it'll always go first. The reason Venoshock is so high up this list is its ability to deal double damage when used against poisoned opponents – giving it an incredible 130 power rating. Venoshock deals 65 damage in ordinary cases, but unlike most Poison-type moves, Venoshock does not have a chance of poisoning on contact because of its special condition: the move does double the damage if the foe is already poisoned, dealing a whopping 130 base damage. NEXT: Pokémon: The Top 10 TM Moves, Ranked. This is a great TM for Pokémon when trainers wish to give a secondary attack type to one a Pokémon. Also like how Poison Tail is the increased likelihood to inflict a critical hit, from 1/16 to 1/8 chance. Toxic is there to bring down the walls and other devious purposes. Dragalgae is Poison / Dragon, with a decent Special Attack as well as Adaptability as it's hidden ability. Nothing in Venoshock's movedex entry says anything about it doing more damage with Toxic than with Poison Gas or any other poisoning move. TM16:Light Screen - … … Tspikes/Toxic arent easy to keep reliably up and you generally want to give your opponent as few free turns as possible. Bold Nature Everything just multiplies. It would still be a "doubled damage" 130 STAB move which would still hurt, even in a worst-case scenario. RELATED: Pokémon: The 10 Best Flying Moves, Ranked. Sludge Bomb’s chance to poison is 30%, compared to Sludge Wave’s 10%. It wasn’t until generation four that poison moves began to compete with the other damage types in terms of damage potential. Bold Tentacruel is a good wall, it has decent Defense and great Special Defense, it gets STAB Venoshock, and can even set up Toxic Spikes to support Venoshock. What are some good walls that can learn Venoshock? I was playing X&Y for a bit and I realized that my Swalot's Toxic venoshock Combo almost one hit killed every Pokemon (even though they were at almost the same level). Run it with toxic spikes for late game sweeps after their defogger/spinner is dead. Focus Sash is there to improve its ability to survive. Adaptability increases the STAB a pokemon gets from 1.5x to 2x. Venoshock has a base power of 65, and is doubled to 130 on a poisoned opponent. Probably because of the move’s prerequisite, Belch has 10 PPs – which is twice the amount of most moves with a 110+ power rating. Tentacruel is a good wall, it has decent Defense and great Special Defense, it gets STAB Venoshock, and can even set up Toxic Spikes to support Venoshock. Want to contribute? This is also a TM (#09), and works well with Poison Jab (TM #84), and Toxic (TM #06). I don't think anything on your team can stand up to a Ferrothorn besides Mega Blaziken; in fact, it seems that if someone kills your Blaziken off, your group could be effectively walled by nearly any Steel type that's strong enough. This Pokemon has its status cured at the end of each turn if Rain Dance is active. Venoshock is a damaging Poison-type move that deals double damage if the target is poisoned or badly poisoned. After a few turns this extra poison damage begins to quickly add up. Poison fang has a PP count of 15 – which is enough to use liberally between visits to the Pokémon center in town. Volt Switch for the damage after the T-Wave, getting STAB and allowing myself to get out of the battle. My dilemma is this: They both have the same power (Hex was boosted in gen 6), and they both do … Then have Garchomp as my dragon tailer. Fireblast/Flamethrower/Aura Sphere Tentacruel @ Black Sludge Trait: Rain Dish EVs: 252 HP / 236 Def / 20 Spd Bold Nature - Venoshock - Toxic Spikes/Ice Beam - Rapid Spin - Scald - Scald, [email protected] leftovers So my question is: This Blaziken over here, together with Regirock and Gengar, is guaranteeing that anything that I can't Hex or Venoshock will go down. The likely cause of the apparent reduced power is that when you tried it with Poison Gas, the opposing Pokémon had higher special defense, was at a higher level, or used a move to boost it's special defense or lower yours. EVs: 252 HP / 236 Def / 20 Spd Venoshock The problem is Venoshock is super unreliable, and Dragalge's SpA just isn't that good. This move does have a whopping 120 power and a 90 accuracy; which make it tied with another move for most damaging poison attack. Let us know in this thread.) Regirock, despite not being the main Pokémon behind this team, is still my all-time favourite due to his nice tankiness and steal being able to dish out some pain. Bold Trait: Rain Dish earth power As said, sludge bomb is better and a more reliable source of heavy damage as far as poison moves go. This makes it even stronger than explosion! For Blech to be available the pokémon using it must have already eaten a berry in that battle. 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