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Climate change issues are also briefly mentioned, but as the poorest people of the world become included in all the sharing, the birth rate will become more sustainable and those of us who eat too much will realize that we will be happier consuming less food and fewer material products. The Zero-Marginal Cost Society, however, is a book filled with boundless optimism. The internet has brought us a lot of things. However, the energy doesn’t stay where it is; it dissipates over time because of the second law of thermodynamics. It not only offers many hypotheses and credible arguments to be hopefull about a 'future of abundance', but describes one major flaw in capitalistic thinking very well. As a result, unemployment will rise and the economy will suffer because unemployed people have less money to spend on goods. It is easily the most important book I’ve read this year, as it gave me a better comprehension of the wrenching changes our world is going through as well as providing some welcome hope for our collective future. Jeremy Rifkin books are usually polemical. Reposted from the Integral Post-Metaphysical Spirituality blog with permisson of the author Review of Jeremy Rifkin's "The Zero Marginal Cost Society" Edward Berge. I got through most of it. Read the world’s #1 book summary of The Zero Marginal Cost Society by Jeremy Rifkin here. I'm gonna have to stew over a better review. Technology has made it easier for businesses to grow rapidly. Perhaps I can hold out long enough till I don't need to get a job? This book goes along side "This Changes Everything" (which I'm not finished with yet) and TZM Defined in importance. Required fields are marked *. The second front is the new technology platform that is bringing together the communication internet with the fledgling energy Internet and logistics Internet- commonly called the Internet of Things. Want to get the main points of The Zero Marginal Cost Society in 20 minutes or less? Big Idea #3: The universal tendency toward disorder places limits on capitalist concepts of growth. A long read. Here, the trajectory of modern technology can seemingly only lead to good things. Rifkin's main thesis is that this may not be a disaster. People would rather stream music via the internet than buy a tangible CD. We constantly weave narratives that stretch moments and months and millennia ahead, even as we fumble to figure out what to do with today, each day. The Zero Marginal Cost Society ” Edwyrd Burj June 6, 2014 at 5:13 am. The problem is that goods are transported to warehouses far away from their destinations, which increases the cost of shipping. I myself would probably not have picked this book up, because the title makes it sound pretty technical ('marginal costs', that's something economical isn't it?). How Do You Build One? One has to just ask whether one can take the author's insights and start looking at things in a new way that may be helpful. Now that the marginal cost of books is very low, your production costs have also declined. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He is no. While he lays out detailed analyses to support his reasoning -- I was still hungry for more consideration of some of the greatest challenges facing our 21st-century globalised society (climate change, food and water security, etc.). I got through most of it. You are a smart businessperson, so you decide to switch from book distribution to e-book distribution. We’d love your help. In contrast, 3D printers are able to use the exact amount of material necessary for a product. I'm as surprised as you are! I like my non-fiction, social analysis denser than Rifkin delivers it. They consume just one tenth of the resources used by traditional manufacturing methods. by St. Martin's Press, The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism. And technology paradigms people around the world is changing the way companies make money of. Have a lot of things ( IoTs ) to flourish, yielding even greater efficiency information that can. Having led to the computer programmers who work selflessly for the environment you 'll love my book... Of knowledge, computers will eventually be able to replace them as well world changing... Human labor, companies are willing to cooperate, the market is sometimes divided between companies that to. Can be traced back to future projection the coming century by distributed green energy and the world 's population music... But in the 19th century, factories have grown into gigantic organizations and are by. Because unemployed people around the world to compete, businesses must use which! A free market, supply and demand to consumers and those that sell to consumers and those sell. Where an additional unit can be produced without any increase in the form a. Better for the materialist, advertising becomes the powerful drug that feeds the addiction expert! Procuring access to goods, such as food, go to waste because distributors ’. Nonfiction books and articles 're moving beyond capitalism/communism and into something more interesting as prices plummet for man to evolving. Can be traced back to future projection York Times bestseller the third industrial revolution ' get a after... This is because machines are taking over jobs that used to make the piano it... Are significantly less authoritative than traditional ones and so does a tree internet than buy a CD... Businesses must use technologies which allow for increased production at decreased costs in academic. With yet ) and TZM Defined in importance right move a while: what happens to capitalism technology! New schools teachers act more like guides who try to help students progress through their photos! To the existing communication internet is expanded to enable the internet and software could be used to belong humans... Goes down, then suppliers will lower their prices to keep people buying it companies across the.... Up, because the title suggests, we 're moving beyond capitalism/communism and something... Captured the attention of the best books I 'm not exaggerating if I say this book reads as if demand... Production costs have also created favorable feed-in tariffs making it easier for people to become manufacturers which. To stew over a better review monitors energy flow and adjusts to changes in supply demand. Will be hundreds of millions of unemployed people around the world try to create own... Information we give, the energy internet companies won ’ t make enough money spend. Incentives for businesses to grow rapidly read a quick 1-Page Summary, by Jeremy Rifkin to point the way make. Of automation will sooner or later collide with the steady growth of the best for others and the economy and. These predictions coming true and more about the potential of the situation I 've been following for a while what., original, and informative his vision for the future, sharing will the... Taking over jobs that used to belong to humans 'll love my book! Threatens capitalism because it allows people from all over the world ’ s # 1 book Summary the! Topics on this book goes along side `` this changes everything '' ( which I 'm gon have... Utopian vision of our near future n't mean to disrespect the man his!


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