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This finale, produced and co-written by Lido, JoJo and Kennedi (Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa), has the matured singer doing her breathy, rushed vocal best, slowly and tenderly, underpinned by the fluttering bass work of Thundercat and a sentiment that reveals just where her head must be: “People either love you or they won’t / It doesn’t really matter if they don’t.” Spoken like a woman in control. Some brilliant sonic touches coupled with canny and self-assured slams add up to a sound and credible return. When is ‘Blindspot’ season 5 back on Sky Witness in the UK? This site uses cookies to improve your experience. There is a clever little nod to Leave (Get Out) as Man starts, but the faded drums and guitar strumming then weave into an R&B pop slap, as JoJo sets the bar high for future partners. It’s irrefutable that JoJo has matured both musically and vocally, and some of the raw lyrics here will sledgehammer that point home, even if they detract from the material a little. With the latter featuring a powerful statement: love one’s self first and others will follow (set against the tender strums of an acoustic guitar). The album can be broken into three parts. My articles, therefore, are known to be enjoyable, fast and easy to read for every target group. Album Review: JoJo – ‘Good To Know’ [Acoustic] 33. Sure, as a teen, she was more pop than R&B — a marketing trick if anything — and didn’t possess soul’s deep emotion, or its rhythmic density, on the early albums “JoJo” and “The High Road.” But JoJo conveyed a twee sense of street-sultriness (even if it was just a street in a cheery cul de sac). It builds into an inspired and more nefarious version of Aaliyah‘s Try Again, yet perhaps fitting lyrically of a more lamentable Kesha. Her voice is in fine, strident and confident form. However, ‘Good To Know’ is not afraid to shy away from sex to focus on more personal themes. A minute flaw on an impressive body of work, ‘Pedialyte’ arguably takes away from the overall emotional journey across the project. Her debut single “Leave (Get Out)” made her the youngest artist to reach number one in the Billboard Pop Charts, and boomed as a new artist together with her self-titled album from 2004 as well as her follow-up single “Baby It’s You” with Bow Wow. Or in “So Bad”, a song about sex and cheating, that turns from light piano in full effects in the hook (notable for her nice vocal ranges that go up and down). Look at me now.” The silken, spacy track has muted, aquatic keyboards, thud-knocking beats and a chorus of vocal FX in which she sings, in Gaga-like tones, a tale of seduction with “trench coat at the back of the bar in the shadows” imagery. The dreamy “Kiss” connects with that theme, with easy guitar strings establishing a mood between a lazy Sunday or a quiet night. Lonely Hearts (feat. Pip Ellwood-Hughes October 22, 2016. The two, along with some insanely catchy lyrics, helped propel her debut single, ‘Leave (Get Out)’ to No. There is something of a sizzle to her lyrics on tracks like “So Bad” but the music barely gets out of second gear as the R&B singer heads on a journey down middle of the road, easy-on-ear, soulful pop. Heads were giddy with excitement upon its release. Her debut single…. Her new album good to know is described as being a three-parter, from self-destructive behaviour tropes, to isolation and realisation, and then acceptance. However, just as you get ready for this to finish, JoJo drags your attention back with the heart-wrenching, piano-driven finale, “Don’t Talk Me Down”. Destined to grace bedrooms all across the globe, JoJo made the equivalent of a stripped-down version of Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ with its comparisons of divinity and sex (“You’re moving inside of me speaking so heavenly I call that divinity”). JoJo taps into a sexier, darker side of herself on “So Bad.” In a swirl of distorted baroque-esque piano and menacing 808’s, she melodically moans about being the other woman. The LP sets sail with the delicate sensuality of ‘So Bad.’ A song that sets the tone of freedom for the rest of the album, JoJo takes command over the pounding piano to ensure that she is in charge here. STFU. Boy. Watch the trailer for the crime caper now. With racy content here and there, it has a few similarities to her last album “Mad Love”, but with the difference of A – more personal content, and B – more urban pop and R&B in the foreground. All Rights Reserved. Bad Habits (Intro) A short track starts the CD version of the good to know album and it opens with a haunting repetitive beat that makes us long for her vocals. Music News JoJo is back with a feisty new single – take a listen. JoJo’s ‘Good to Know’: Album Review More than a decade and a half since she became a multi-tracked pop-R&B princess at age 13, JoJo has grown into herself and her sound. She’s Coming! And she does get racy. Tinashe)What U NeedX (1 Thing Wrong)In Your Room, She was only 13 years old when Joanna Levesque aka JoJo stepped into the game. What’s noticeable about “Good to Know” is not only the relaxing R&B waves but also the use of provocative lyrics. I am an experienced writer for articles in music, entertainment and occasionally other fields like sports. Folllowing that album, countless label battles and legal woes meant that JoJo didn’t release another album for 10 years. Gorgeous harmonies kick off the dreamy Gold before JoJo starts to sing talk on the verses. It isn’t even a forgettable one. This week saw JoJo drop her brilliant new album, good to know, which we haven’t been able to stop listening to.This is her official fourth studio album, and her first independent album to be released. The album sold more than 3 million copies worldwide, an achievement JoJo repeated with 2006 follow-up The High Road. For example, on ‘Think About You’ the singer must rely on her own voice as her guide in this harmonious track. One thing that can’t be disputed is that good to know showcases JoJo as one of the premiere vocalists of our day, and I for one never tire of listening to her. 0 Shares. By buying through the links we may receive a commission for the sale. A true journey through self-discovery, love and heartbreak, the autobiographical content is elevated by the sincerity and breadth of JoJo’s vocal performances.


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