nissan leaf motor inverter
Apparently, Nissan doesn't want the leaf going that fast in reverse. It shows a SOC of 67% and a SOH of 92.18%. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I was speaking with someone the other day about the car only charging at 3.3kw vs the 6.6kw. I know info is vague but I don’t have more to go on yet. The motor will only go to 3500 RPMS in reverse (with the stock inverter) If you exceed 3500 RPMS the inverter will ignore further commands until the RPM drops below 3500. I believe the Torque request is a signed 16 bit value, I have not tested myself but I would suspect inverting the binary and adding 1 (twos compliment) would give you the inverse torque request. Nissan, however, has developed a drastically reduced inverter the size of a coffee cup. Mine's not setup either at the moment, as I'm in the process of mounting it into my Lotus Esprit S3, but as soon as it is mounted properly, I can try again. Vancouver, CA owner of a 2013 Ocean Blue SV + QC, purchased 01/2017 in WA. I'd bet you can find whatever you need on ebay or whatever if you can DIY but that isn't something everyone can do. You cannot feed 3-Phase AC into the inverter without adding inductance. Also the dealer replaced the 12V battery as part of the diagnostics protocol. In Europe where they use the 3-phase Mennekes standard, even for home charging, this makes a lot of sense. ... -tms-42971, ... -evc-47872, Volkswagen ID.4 EV SUV set for launch in Europe in 2020, Porsche Taycan unveiling event – price and specs included. Thank you for the info - I did try negative torque values, but just blew the low value fuse in the power line - I'll try again when it's installed as I clearly got something wrong. How we did it. Thanks, Dave - That was my first thought too, I tried that some time ago but it didn't work, although I was being very cautious with power input as the motor in not secured in any way. Any thoughts? I have Leaf Spy Pro. @alozzy Thank you for sending me the 2013 EV section of the Factory Service Manual. I haven't been able to find any info on this. They're great cars but I'm always nervous when something breaks that is only available at the dealer. Are you buying it for the battery or the whole car? (Safety), Holly cow! Let me know if you find out. Having a large on-board charger is the route Renault took with Leaf's sister; Zoe. Hmm, mine is in pieces again at the moment, but I do have reverse in the gearbox to use! How do you run the Leaf motor in reverse? If you fed grid AC into the LEAF's inverter without series inductance, you … The battery was replaced by Nissan in 2016. JavaScript is disabled. Come join the discussion about electric vehicle conversions, builds, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! In drive mode, The inverter uses the inductance of the motor windings to achieve buck/boost power conversion. P0C79 000A MOTOR CONTROL Drive Motor A Inverter Voltage TMS-70 P324F 000A MOTOR CONTROL Drive Motor A IGBT TMS-99 The rest are ABS, HVAC, or Multi AV codes Now this is my first time I have worked on a Leaf, however I have been servicing the family Prius for 13 years. Dealer says it is either bad inverter or bad motor? I hope it works out well for you. Of course the Capacitance multiplier coupled with the Diode matrix would never be enough to handle the Supply voltage supervisor. The built-in DC to DC converter takes the onboard high voltage DC and converts it to standard 12V accessory power. This permits Pivo 2's compact layout, which features a small inverter integrated with an electric motor installed inside each wheel. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. everyone here is way smarter than me, but this seemed like the right people to comment on my question. so, without trying to hijack (what appears to be a quieted thread) goes: Volkswagen ID.4 EV SUV set for launch in Europe in 2020, Porsche Taycan unveiling event – price and specs included. Still, they did not add a bunch of relays and use the same inverter. Getting either the inverter or motor replaced at the dealer sounds very expensive. LOL. A forum community dedicated to DIY electric car owners and enthusiasts. Check out my You Tube Channel, see my V1 EV RX8 and my new Leaf EV RX8. The easiest way to use a Nissan Leaf for backup/emergency power is to utilize the onboard DC to DC converter and a 3rd party pure sine wave inverter. So My friend who has several 13+ Leafs bought this leaf here on Maui. When I go, There is plenty of prior art here, but the main issue is the lack of galvanic isolation between the AC line and the car's HV system. Looking at a 2011 that had dealer replaced battery and now does not run. And then you need three phase power input...... And one reason it's not part of the design is such a system is patented by AC Propulsion. And what if that's not the problem or not the only problem? Seems viable to me but it would have to be part of the design.


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