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It is available at newsagents and supermarkets for £5.99 (£65 annual subscription). is registered as a limited company in England A: It's a simple process using the tool above. See tips for writing articles about magazines,, Automobile magazines published in the United Kingdom, Monthly magazines published in the United Kingdom, Online magazines published in the United Kingdom, Magazines published in the United Kingdom stubs, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 1972: Launch of the Parker's Car Price Guide. Once you’ve entered your vehicle details or registration, you’ll need to hit the “Get Valuation” button. Power steering needs to be free of excessive noise and no leakage. JustGoodCars. Our values are researched and compiled by a specialist, independent team of motor trade experts. You’ll have the option to detail everything that your current vehicle includes. Alternatively, the Car Price Checker is a app that is compatible with any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that have iOS 4.2 or newer. It has expanded over the years to offer reviews, technical data and marketplace intelligence along with used car pricing. Remove them from the “adjust your valuation” section of the tool, and see if the new price is affected. There should be no damage or leakage with no evidence of excessive wear. However, as a general rule, a Cat 'S' and 'N' car will be worth between 10 and 30% below normal book. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. The experts monitor: Parkers has various buying tools that complement the vehicle’s free valuation. Following is a summary of many of the facets of a used cars overall condition that may have an effect on the ultimate price offered or paid out. The paintwork needs to be sound and well taken care of and all bodywork fixtures and fittings present and freed from damage. Initial searches are free, with payment required to access further details. The transmission system will need to be free from leakages and not require repair or adjustment. It is available at newsagents and supermarkets for £5.99 (£65 annual subscription). So, you need to update your car’s details. As a consequence a 9 year old car with average mileage would have covered 78,000 miles. However, follow the steps below and you'll have a valuation in minutes. There’s a similar option to navigate the tool using the car’s make, model and year at the bottom of the page. Just email us on, >> Read more: How getting a valuation could save you money, Use our free car valuation calculator at the top of this page to find out what your car's worth. The ultimate guide to the most confusing car-related terminology. We work with leading valuations and automotive experts Cap HPI, and monitor around 1,500,000 used car sales every year (more than 4,100 per day! The more a car is worth, the more people consider condition. Service History Search by make & model, New Vauxhall Crossland: mid-life makeover for small SUV, Price cut and spec improvements for Jaguar XF Saloon and Sportbrake, New Jaguar XE gets mild-hybrid power, lower price, All-new Hyundai i20 revealed: sharp suit for 2020, Car finance: best new car deals for less than £200 per month, Car finance: best new cars for less than £400 per month, Car finance: best new cars for less than £500 per month, Full review: Aston Martin Vantage Roadster. All transactions are completed contact-free. That’s going to mean a huge price difference. There are plenty of time consuming ways to figure that out. For those with newer cars, they’ll be additional options asides from just mileage. Parkers is the UK's most-trusted site for reviews of new cars and used cars, plus car buying advice, free valuations, cars for sale, and car leasing deals The car valuation tool will then access a database to grab your car’s details; perfect if you are unsure about the specifics of your car such as fuel type and model. Start by heading over to the car valuation tool. For us (and our BMW), there’s only the option to change mileage, and nothing else. This is the price buyers will pay for a used car at an unofficial dealer. Unfortunately after 47 very successful years, we produced the very last. This is evident with the valuation we’ve received. Parkers then asks for your: name, e-mail address, telephone number and postcode. Unlike companies who only give you one price, we offer multiple online valuations and let the UK’s most popular car buying companies compete to buy your car. For instance, if you have a set of alloys that can easily fetch £500 on eBay (and you have the original wheels), why not sell them privately? Get a free and fair valuation from instant, online car buying sites using Motorway. You don't need to enter any personal information at this time. Multiple sources of data mean, not surprisingly, that the values made available via different sources usually tend not to concur with each other. The prices listed above are for timed access, not for volume of valuations. The Parkers Car Price Guide magazine is an alternative means to value a second-hand car. 1st issue: March 1972, priced at 20p, 1998: Winter 1998 was the first edition of 'Parker's Car Chooser Magazine' which ran until 2006, 2001: Emap Consumer Media Website and Expanding Brand of the year, 2002: Parker's Car Price Guide and Parker's Older Car Price Guide (Parkers Plus) merged, 2005: Website ABCe audit: 539,062 in March of this year, 2005: Website ABCe audit: 706,054 unique users and 13 million page impressions, 2006: Website ABCe audit: 1,005,658 unique users and 19,971,999 page impressions in March of this year, 2008: Bauer Consumer Media acquires Emap's Media Division, including Parker's Car Price Guide, 2011: Parker's loses the apostrophe to be rebranded Parkers, 2015: Glass's Guide print edition closes, leaving Parkers Car Price Guide as the only printed valuations magazine on the market, 2015: Bespoke car finance advice section added with Chris Lloyd heading it up, 2016: Keith Adams replaces Kieren Puffett as editor, This page was last edited on 23 June 2020, at 10:55. Do you know what the important factors employed to produce a credible car valuation are? Category D - Now ‘CAT N’ (Non-structural). The mountings and joints should all be sound. An extensively damaged vehicle which the insurer has decided not to repair, but which could be repaired and returned to the road. Our prices are researched by a team of independant motor trade specialists and updated monthly using thousands of real-life sales from private sellers, auctions and dealers. The Parkers private good value assumes the vehicle has no significant faults. Parkers Car Price Guide Print Magazine. *Get up to £1,000 more for your car is based on the highest vs. lowest offer of 64,022 Motorway sale enquiries, analysed and independently verified by Consumer Intelligence in April 2019, 25.06% of consumers could achieve £1,000 more with Motorway. CAP Motor Research The Parkers Guide started out as a car price guide in 1972 and is now the longest-running price guide available to the general public. Your free, used, car valuation could come via the company’s website. Access to this feature costs: The Parkers Car Price Guide magazine is an alternative means to value a second-hand car. Parkers Car Price Guide – Car Valuation Guide Selling a used car is never easy. Needs to be free from damage and rust. Normally we allow about 50-60% of the original option value after the first year. How getting a valuation could save you money. Some extras are just not desirable, and therefore, they don’t add any additional value to a vehicle. Make sure you take the time to get all information correct. Parkers best buys. That could mean your car is worth more than you think, or you have an unrealistic valuation. How to get a free car valuation with what car? Mileage First select a car you're buying or selling (either by entering its registration number or by its make, model and age), and then we look up the price in our valuations database. Their data dates back to 1972, and most vehicles produced after 2004 can be valued quickly and easily online. This might be related to the interior, exterior, or both (i.e. For instance, if your vehicle is a 2006 plate, you’ll be looking at an average mileage of 120,000. More recently, the title has moved the majority of resources to its online activities and shifted its emphasis from being merely a valuations resource to a fully featured research tool for car buyers. The more details you know about your car, the more accurate the valuation is going to be. “It is essential to know exactly what you should be paying.”. Why 120,000 miles? All registered in England and Wales. When exploring the price data supplied by used car price guides (whether industry only or otherwise) you will typically be presented with 3 unique price variations. Our team of independent experts visit hundreds of car dealers and auctions every month to research the actual selling price of thousands of cars. It's all in our car valuation online tool. This will give you as a seller a price that best represents the true market value of your vehicle and as a buyer will give you the price you should reasonably expect to pay for your next car. The site then confirms its: make, model, trim and other factors to prove it has identified the correct car. All Parkers data is now online only. 845898). You are presented with the private value, which is the typical price you’ll pay for a car in a private sale. Electrical units need to be free from malfunction and show no obvious indications of tampering. Parker’s is now owned and published by Bauer Media Group a large German publishing company based in Hamburg, which operates in 15 countries worldwide. The car sales process and the “9 point plan”, webuyanycar review – They will buy any car but beware of the asterisk, Car dealers still not prepared to play the “we buy any car” game, Bargain of the Week – StreetKa 1.6i Luxury. But, each additional extra will add to your car’s valuation. However, after five years the value of options is reduced to around 20-25% and at 10 years, options add little or no value to the vehicle [but can make it easier to sell]. So just how do used car price guides work? The amount of potential variables is just too great to put an exact figure on an individual vehicle.


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