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The first time I discovered blatant bias was when I was doing some research on the low carb/high carb nutrition controversies. Well, that's all fine and good but why should it be in the very first line of the article? Here are a few more of the discussions among some of the Wikipedia editors editing my biographical page, which is supposed to be "neutral" according to Wikipedia policy. There is no reason to mention them again in some “awards” section, especially when half of it is just outright bad, other than to provide puffery. In other words, the Wikipedia editors believe they are free to publish all manners of libel, bias and false information on a subject, but the subject is considered to be out of line if she corrects the record. Issue: False info in Vaccine Reporting section. I then read the BuzzFeed article that had already been published and followed up with this: Tasneem, I just looked at your article. Attkisson has published stories linking vaccines with autism; this contradicts the scientific community who reject such a link.[38][39][40]. I think that a parent's "informed consent" is not really "informed" until they have have the information you uncovered. Additionally, if Wikipedia decides that my biographical page is, indeed, the place to litigate the vaccine-autism issue, then in the interest of neutrality, it should include the fact that Mnookin is himself a controversial and conflicted figure (as demonstrated in many published works); and that many others have recognized my reporting as accurate and fair. He wrote: "On the bright side, knowing from our first hand experience that Attkisson is the sort of person who makes public accusations without evidence does much to help us better understand what our reliable sources are trying to communicate about her. Once I got wind of their fraudulent activities, that was it with the financial support for them. Sources on far right and far left have, in many instances, produced excellent, factually correct information at times…Compiling such a chart is obviously difficult for many reasons, some of them having to do with space. It makes a prima facie case for why these very editors should be barred from not only editing my page, but also from editing on the issue of vaccine safety. …the views that Attkisson said were kept secret had already been made public in 2006 and were noted in the OAP.[44]. Required fields are marked *. Second: The media bias chart is hardly one of my more significant projects or writings, so it is strange that it is highlighted among all else in my Wikipedia biography when much more significant work is omitted. So let them go; let them all go, in the continued negative, lying, misleading direction in which they are headed. This Wikipedia editor is suspicious after I told them that my birth place on Wikipedia is incorrect: There's something odd going on here. SkepticalRaptor (talk) 18:24, 7 June 2019 (UTC), (Note: I have never expressed anti-vaccine views or reported any false material. Wikipedia's bureaucracy combined with its agenda editors who control certain pages and topics do not allow for efficient correction of inaccurate and biased Wikipedia pages. Sheryl Attikkison is a MODERN DAY HERO! And I haven't managed to find any evidence she or anyone else ever contested these details here. From among these arise men who slyly work their way into households and captivate weak women loaded down with sins, led by various desires, always learning and yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth.". Fue corresponsal de investigación en la oficina de Washington para CBS News y presentadora del programa Evening News de CBS. He is doing his part. If we're going to do some fanboi crap here by listing her pathetic list of awards, then that should include adding all of her false anti-vaccine claims over the past few years. Could you tell me what prompted you to update the chart today and what changes did you make to the original chart? As I have sought to point out Wikipedia's bias and mistakes, several Wikipedia editors have threatened to stop me, have found me on Twitter to attack me and my followers, and have taken other steps to otherwise attempt to harass me outside of the Wikipedia platform. --. Protecting their biases at Wikipedia is what they live for. You know how to think. Attkisson is one of the few journalists to have flown on a B-52 combat mission. The section title is misleading and attempts to controversialize me at the outset. Let me give an account for how and why this happens, mechanically. Required fields are marked *. Nonetheless, please correct the following misrepresentations: “Attkisson said she compiled the chart ‘from various sources and your feedback.’ The link on ‘various sources’ is to a Pew Research Center study that measures audience bias, not the alleged bias of an outlet.”. I have not. C-SPAN. Only then did they face organized attacks falsely labeling them as “anti-vaccine,” “tin-foil hat” or “discredited.” In fact, by any neutral assessment, they are none of those things. Investigative Reporter and Editors Finalist Award for Bush Administration's Bait-and-Switch on TARP. Her stance on vaccines is already apparent, as is her belief in government conspiracies (mentioned in the January 2019 TV shows). My chart adds to the charts that are out there and can be considered alongside them or as people choose. Civil Justice Foundation Special Commendation for Firestone Tire coverage, Association of American Trial Lawyers. Second, the comment is not neutral, is out of context, and is unbalanced since many in the scientific community have not rejected a link between vaccines and autism; and some scientists support the concept of a link. (NEW) Senators: Did Secret Service hide documents about Hunter Biden from Congress. When I asked about it on their talk page, they simply replied with "cool story, bro.". It was when I attempted to include actual, documented remarks made by the CEO of Planned Parent Hood during a Congressional hearing that I was banned as an editor. Make up your own mind. The CBS/McNair quote was a defensive response to public reporting about certain CBS personnel inappropriately spiking stories, not because my reporting was questioned. What's worse is that agenda editors related to pharmaceutical interests and the partisan blog Media Matters control my Wikipedia biographical page, making sure that slanted or false information stays on it. Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the main stream media or the Clinton's or for that matter the Dems. (March 13, 2014). Seth Mnookin, Professor of Science Writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, described Attkisson as "one of the least responsible mainstream journalists covering vaccines and autism.


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