the fun of the fair elizabeth harrower techniques
You must write a text that “begins with the end,” embodying the sentiment from the quotation from Lydia Davis’s text. There are three speech options. But as their skills develop, they start playing music that is written by other artists. During this first stage, you need to start discussing with teachers and peers what you want to write about, and what forms or structures you would use. You need to see what works and what doesn’t. “Module C is designed with the purpose of making you a better writer.”. 2 stories from the same author in one case. You will do this through reading the works of other composers and then borrowing and imitating stylistic forms, features, structures, and techniques. Stories A Few Days in the Country and Other Stories ELIZABETH HARROWER Text, $29.99. in your reviews so before I even finished your first paragraph I put the book on my TBR list It does sound really good and interesting. Read our cookies statement. Under exam conditions, you must produce an imaginative recreation of one of the texts you have studied for Module C. This must explore an important scene from a different perspective. Three are male, one is female, one is non-binary; three of the poets are now deceased; two are Australian (one of whom was born in Singapore), two are British, and the other is an American. In senior years, you focus on applying their skills analysing texts for themes and ideas and discussing their perspectives on the texts. ALS Gold Medal: She seems to be quite media friendly after many years of absence. This is an abridged version of The Fun of the Fair, from Elizabeth Harrower’s new short story collection, A Few Days in the Country and Other Stories, published by Text next week. This is to say, that it is a continuous process of planning, drafting, revising, redrafting, etc. In the second part, you need to explain how a particular text from Module C has inspired your writing style in Module C. You need to explain how your use of this stylistic feature in the first part reflects this influence. I have some too, but one in particular that might have one of her stories. Cornucopia, presents us with the wealthy Julia Holt, with her Grade I friends (distinguished) and her Grade III friends (obscure and a bit pathetic), her vanity and malice, her anger if one of her protégés shows any spirit: Harrower tells Julia's story largely from her point of view, condemns her in her own words. Instead, you will need to consistently practise writing in a variety of modes. Let’s look at the rules for Year 12 School Assessments and what this means or Module C: The Craft of Writing: These rules mean that schools have a variety of options for assessing this Module. Learn more about Matrix+ English Courses now. Because the lesson would be so sad. “Students have opportunities to work independently and collaboratively to reflect, refine and strengthen their own skills in producing highly crafted imaginative, discursive, persuasive and informative texts.”. She can do irony. As you iterate versions of your writing, you must experiment with different forms and techniques. 'The opening sentence of the first short story Elizabeth Harrower ever completed 3 plunges the reader into a dramatic meteorological event: And then, as if the lightning that ripped the sky apart wasn’t enough, the lights round the edge of the swimming pool, and even the three big ones sunk into it on cement piles, went out. Learn more about Matrix+ English Courses now. Through considered appraisal and imaginative engagement with texts, students reflect on the complex and recursive processes of writing to further develop their self-expression and apply their knowledge of textual forms and features in their own sustained and cohesive compositions. As a student, you should reflect on this and think about how it can dictate the processes and focus of your own writing.


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