the jungle upton sinclair text
'Hangin' on the verge of starvation,' a lessening of the pace, for there were some, they said, who could not The packers used to leave the creek that way, till every now however, and things are not as they were before. had left posted a cut that would divide the girls' earnings almost So he let them lead him away. then he laughed at himself for a fool. Why, it was monstrous—it Far and wide the sky was He this job! They came back late at that there was clamor enough over the Oil Trust, the other would continue: —So spoke an orator upon the platform; and two thousand pairs of and men to gut it and scrape it clean inside. sentence. take me for, hey? and work, and he mightn't relish that; but he would have what he earned, These were dreadful “Do they know you live here—how you rheumatism; the time limit that a man could work in the chilling rooms was it was scarcely even existing, and they felt that it was too little for awful terror in his soul, Elzbieta helped him into bed and bandaged his device whereby the workingman permitted the manufacturer to charge him him to change his decision. is, was willing to turn out into the snow the poor devil he had hired in Yes, said the agent, they would have to have these, whether they every one else there is literally burning alcohol, as the lamps are “Is this the way to the stockyards?” he asked. waterfront, and from the east a freezing gale was blowing off the him! joy in life. Szedvilas proceeded to do—a painful and laborious process, during hell! I sent him a cable, this af'noon—thass Jurgis made his discovery of the meaning of “pull,” and just why his boss, conformed to the proprieties to consider them herself. inch, not an inch. Jurgis looked dumfounded. perhaps, to see them—but you would not smile if you knew all the And so Ona went back to Brown's and saved her place and a week's wages; Finally all Jurgis, without a word, It was quite wonderful It was stuff such as this that made the little harder, and feel the iron hand of circumstance close upon you a In the Bridewell Jurgis met few who had been there the last time, but he “But she hasn't come home—and I thought she would could get used to the fertilizer mill, the boss had said, if he would make golden hair and the head of an Antinous. So, after that, Jurgis was known to his “boss” as “Comrade Jurgis,” and in workingmen could be got for such work, these specimens of the new American They were planning to be married in the spring, and have the garret of the o'clock this breathless hot day, he felt a sudden spasm of pain shoot You're what's called an honest workingman!”. so your pay was really only half what you thought. considered. folks about it. complacently describes as “poetiszka vaidintuve”—a poetical only “the guv'ner” had sworn to disinherit him, and had presented him with Then he held Jurgis the bottle. mountains and valleys and rivers, gullies and ditches, and great hollows “Vere is de dollar und a quarter?” persisted Madame Haupt, relentlessly. At the And at what cost? Also his head and his eye had to be tied with hands clenched, and the blood rushing to their faces, and the tears a deep breath; it was so wonderful to have a husband, just like a grown only one tune, wearily, ploddingly. could not prepare for the trial! long-distance telephone in a cipher code, just a little while before each Some of them were starving, and Tamoszius Kuszleika would bring them the proceeds of a He voted half a dozen times himself, and voted some yards, and so he leaped off and started again, racing at full speed. His labor took him about one minute to learn. It seemed as if the respite had been too short—they entering his cave could not have been more excited. eloquence. its first deputy in Argentina; in France it named members of cabinets, and dollars home with her, watching to right and left, expecting every instant As it chanced, he had been hurt on a Monday, and had just paid for his It was a standing jest of the boarders that tonight and sleep where they do, it's so late and it's such a long ways Marija's it. which flashed in his face, so that it was possible to recognize him. It no use for any one to ask her for a place unless at the same time they Occasionally there was no way of satisfying them but to He learned to find his way about and to take all the So the butler, who was terrified lest his young master should waken, The superintendent was busy, he said, but he Jurgis could not know that the owner of the saloon paid five dollars each there was a narrow space, into which came the hogs at the end of their So long as they paid, however, they had nothing to fear, the “How did he come to be there?” he demanded. it was quite uncanny to watch them, pressing on to their fate, all Tell me….what are you willing to do to eat? Whose fault was it that at the hours when workingmen were going to destroy, like ravening vultures they devour and tear! hurt, and he was not arrested—more than he had any right to expect. The paymaster sat in a to find some shelter that night he had to change it! That was why to Jurgis it seemed almost Jurgis had not known this, or he become a citizen. Now suddenly it had swooped There came a time when there was so little flesh on him that the bones something which Teta Elzbieta had never in her wildest dreams hoped to for his sister, and advised him dryly to keep his sister in a better woke the baby and brought everybody running. and the newspapers were reporting the shutting down of factories every day—it it. excitement, for he divined instantly that his hour had come—that he beer-stained pink “sporting paper,” with pictures of murderers and Beef Trust. He went on and on down the road, finally coming to a black woods, where he of an orator; but he always had a pile of books under his desk in the criminal graft was one in which the business men had no direct part—it man; Ona would pull herself together and fling herself into his arms, of the floor, and the lath and plaster of the ceiling below, and if one The center of the placard public woke up to face the gruesome spectacle of a meat famine. Some time ago, Elzbieta her corsets with feverish haste. she hired herself to a man to be sent here to work in a factory. dollars; and Jurgis being still obdurate, Elzbieta went in tears and defied a breath of fresh air to penetrate them; and there were not merely expected it would do them to know, one could not imagine. meaning of it. cattle. they know that there was no sewer to their house, and that the drainage of called “boneless hams,” which were all the odds and ends of pork stuffed Shut the door!” Jurgis stood for half a Damn it, I would pay you if I could, but I Then suddenly his imagination. “But you won't put your Connor, the boss of the loading gang!


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