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we are on fire! It was an amazing experience meeting so many gold enthusiasts. ADVENTURES IN GOLD PROSPECTING. Home » Alaska Gold Prospecting Adventure. Akau Alaska Gold and Resort - Anvil Creek, AK Chicken Gold Camp - Chicken, AK Crow Creek Gold Mine - Girdwood, AK Gold King Creek Alaska Adventures - Gold King Creek, AK Gold Fever Prospecting - … They are simple to operate, easy to carry, and can be used in many other adventures, not just your gold prospecting trip to Alaska. Gold Prospecting Adventures makes its home in Jamestown, California, an area of the country known for its rich history in the Gold Rush. Several historically productive gold mines have created facilities to bring in prospectors and tourists to see and experience the remote gold country of the Alaskan wilderness and find their own nuggets. Pan Gold. rocks rocking. Guided Prospecting Day Trips. Alaskan Prospecting Adventures. Pan Gold. Do All Paul. Alaska gold prospecting invites you to spend a day with us showing you the many different ways to prospect for gold In the 21st Century on one of our productive Alaskan gold claims.. Mat Test. Our gold prospecting adventures start about 8am, when you will meet Layton or Tyland at one of their claim locations, depending on what month you are coming. Gold Metal Detectors: One of the most productive tools a recreational gold prospector can possess for hunting gold nuggets in Alaska. Do All Paul. While on the creek we will help you understand where and why gold is found in certain areas of the creek. Do All Paul. Highbanker. rocks rocking. Highbanker. ALASKA'S ONLY COMBINATION WILD-STREAM GOLD … Product lineup. Home ... discussed prospecting and mining techniques, told some tall tales, and sold some merchandise. Alaska Travel Adventures’ Historic Gold Mining & Panning Adventure is great for families, or anyone who wants to combine a quick history tour with other activities during a short excursion. Gold Prospecting - Visit this site to learn about Gold and Wilderness Prospecting. The company helps tourists and locals alike get the most out of their panning adventures in Jamestown by providing field trips for schools, family tours, prospecting training, and travel packages to the area. Leg Kit. Join us on our Alaska gold prospecting adventures. Enjoy our slide shows and videos. gold dreaming. In recent years there has been a something of a new form of tourism growing in Alaska. Mat Test. Once there, you will head into the claim where they will show you or your group how to set up two pieces of equipment that we have decided to use throughout the day.


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